Letter of Recommendation

Prerequisite for the issuance of a letter of recommendation is the attendance of a course of Prof. Dr. Gomber (final grade OWIN: 1.3 or better; final grade other courses: 1.7 or better) and / or writing a thesis at the Chair of e-Finance. In addition, students who have worked as tutor for the OWIN lecture can apply for a letter of recommendation.

Please hand in the required documents for the issuance of a letter of recommendation timely, i.e., at least two weeks before you need the report.

Required Documents:

  • CV
  • Proof of the points listed in the CV (please collected in one file)
  • Current certificate of coursework and examinations

Required Information:

  • Name, study program und semester
  • When is the letter of recommendation required?
  • Who is the recipient of the letter of recommendation? (e.g., DAAD, Studienstiftung, etc.)
  • How has the report to be sent to the recipient? (directly to the institution itself or via the student)
  • Are there any formal requirements? (please fill in any existing from as far as possible and attach it to your e-mail)
  • In which language should the report be written? (English or German)

Please send all your documents in one e-mail to Mrs. bajrektarevic (bajrektarevic[AT]em.uni-frankfurt[dot]de).