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back from left:  Micha Bender, Abdellatif Bouazi, Maximilian Böhm, Tino Cestonaro            front from left: Dr. Benjamin Clapham, Julian Schmidt, Jasmin Bajrektarevic, Jonas De PaolisProf. Dr. Peter Gomber, Hassib Abidy



The Chair welcomes the new research assistant Mr Niklas Trimpe.


The lecture "Microstructure of Financial Markets" by Dr. Benjamin Clapham achieved 1st place in the Master's lecture category in the teaching evaluation of the Faculty of Economics and Business in the summer term 2023. We are very pleased with this award and would like to thank our students for this excellent evaluation.


The Chair welcomes the new research assistant Mr Florian Ewald.


Dr Michael Siering was able to achieve a successful placement in the well-known business administration research ranking of WirtschaftsWoche, which lists the most research-intensive German-speaking business economists every two years. In the category "Business economists under 40 with strong research skills" he ranked 22nd. This corresponds to a placement in the top 5% of the listed researchers.


Dr. Benjamin Clapham and Dr. Jens Lausen are co-authors of the first crowd-based empirical study in finance, which has just been accepted for publication in the prestigious Journal of Finance. The project involved over 164 researcher teams, among them some of the world-leading scholars in this field. The task of the research teams was to test identical hypotheses on the same data set. Due to the large number of decisions researchers have to make in the evidence-generating process, the results of the research teams vary significantly and thus generate another level of uncertainty in addition to statistical errors. The paper entitled "Non-Standard Errors" shows that these errors are significant, but are reduced by adding peer review phases. Non-standard errors are lower for more reproducible and better rated research. The study also finds that the participating scientists underestimate this type of additional uncertainty. For more information on the project, click here.


The Chair of e-Finance

The Chair of Business Administration, especially e-Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration deals with fundamental and current questions regarding electronic financial services and electronic securities trading in particular.
Our activities in research and teaching include all facets of e-Finance, which range from customer interfaces in electronic banking and brokerage over market intermediaries to business models, infrastructure and technical concepts for electronic markets.                                                                      
Our mission

With all activities in research and joint projects with our partners in practice, we intend to contribute to the evolution of electronic financial markets. Hereby, we evaluate and develop new market mechanisms, new intermediary relations and opportunities for applying new concepts in IT.
In teaching, we communicate to our students a comprehensive know how and deepened understanding of the economic and technical realities of electronic financial markets. Furthermore, we would like to enable our students to take up ambitious and challenging jobs in the financial industry.

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