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back from left: Sven PanzDr. Jascha-Alexander KochAbdellatif BouaziTimo Schäfer.  front from left: Jasmin BajrektarevicDr. Benjamin ClaphamProf. Dr. Peter Gomber, Julian SchmidtJens Lausen


[20/05/20]Dr. Benjamin Clapham was awarded the Research Prize 2020 of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation for his dissertation "Integrity and Efficiency of Electronic Securities Markets: Fraud Detection, Safeguards, and the Role of High-Frequency Trading". The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Gomber (Chair of e-Finance). The prize is endowed with 15,000 euros for both the author and the supervising chair.


The Chair welcomes the new research assistant Mr Tino Cestonaro M.Sc.


Aktuelle Informationen zur Prüfung “Zertifizierter Börsenhändler Kassamarkt”: Aufgrund der aktuellen Lage ist es aktuell nicht möglich einen Prüfungstermin für die Prüfung zum Zertifizierten Börsenhändler Kassamarkt festzulegen. Wir wollen es aber dennoch allen Teilnehmern der EFN1, die die Abschlussklausur erfolgreich bestanden haben, ermöglichen, die Prüfung zu absolvieren. Daher würden wir gerne, sobald es wieder möglich ist, gemeinsam mit allen Interessenten einen passenden Prüfungstermin abstimmen. Falls Sie Interesse an der Prüfung haben, senden Sie bitte bis zum 31.05.2020 eine kurze E-Mail an Jens Lausen.


Due to the current situation regarding the corona virus, all members of the Chair of e-Finance will work in the home office for the next few weeks. If you have any important concerns, please contact the respective staff member directly or send an e-mail to Ms. Bajrektarevic in the secretariat.


Prof. Dr Peter Gomber was elected for three more years as a member of the Exchange Council at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). The Exchange Council is a key forum for discussing fundamental issues and developments at the FSE. Among other things, the Exchange Council is responsible for the appointment, withdrawal and supervision of the executive management. Furthermore, it issues the Exchange Rules, the Fee Regulations and the Conditions for Transactions on the Exchange. Prof. Dr. Gomber is a member of the Council since 2011. Further information can be found here.


The Chair welcomes the new research assistant Mr Micha Bender M.Sc.

The Chair of e-Finance

The Chair of Business Administration, especially e-Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration deals with fundamental and current questions regarding electronic financial services and electronic securities trading in particular.
Our activities in research and teaching include all facets of e-Finance, which range from customer interfaces in electronic banking and brokerage over market intermediaries to business models, infrastructure and technical concepts for electronic markets.                                                                      
Our mission

With all activities in research and joint projects with our partners in practice, we intend to contribute to the evolution of electronic financial markets. Hereby, we evaluate and develop new market mechanisms, new intermediary relations and opportunities for applying new concepts in IT.
In teaching, we communicate to our students a comprehensive know how and deepened understanding of the economic and technical realities of electronic financial markets. Furthermore, we would like to enable our students to take up ambitious and challenging jobs in the financial industry.

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