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(from left to right: Ilya Gvozdevskiy, Florian Glaser, Sigi Firle, Dr. Christian Janze, Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber, Sven Panz, Sergej Schetle, Jascha-Alexander Koch, Jill Waha, Abdellatif Bouazi, Benjamin Clapham, Dr. Martin Haferkorn.)



Further information regarding Deutsche Boerse’s “Zertifizierter Börsenhändler Kassamarkt” exam can be found here. The registration form can be found here.


Special Award at the DZ-Bank Career Awards 2019.
Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber received a donation for the Chair of e-Finance for the highest number of submissions to the DZ-Bank Career Awards 2019. The press statement can be found here.


The Paper „Digital Finance and FinTech: current research and future research directions” (Gomber, Koch, and Siering; 2017) is among the ten most downloaded Springer Journal Articles on business & management. Over a period of less than two years, the paper has reached over 10,000 downloads on the Springer website. With this outstanding number of downloads, the paper has become the most successful paper of the Journal of Business Economics in 2018. Link.


Together with Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ritschl (Chair of Economic History, London School of Economics) and Prof. Dr. Jan Pieter Krahnen (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, SAFE), Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber undertakes an outlook into the capital markets of the next 15 years and beyond. You’ll find this in the anniversary brochure of HSBC INKA on pages 30 – 37.


The team wishes all students, co-operation partners and employees of the university Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


The Chair of e-Finance

The Chair of Business Administration, especially e-Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration deals with fundamental and current questions regarding electronic financial services and electronic securities trading in particular.
Our activities in research and teaching include all facets of e-Finance, which range from customer interfaces in electronic banking and brokerage over market intermediaries to business models, infrastructure and technical concepts for electronic markets.    

Our mission

With all activities in research and joint projects with our partners in practice, we intend to contribute to the evolution of electronic financial markets. Hereby, we evaluate and develop new market mechanisms, new intermediary relations and opportunities for applying new concepts in IT.
In teaching, we communicate to our students a comprehensive know how and deepened understanding of the economic and technical realities of electronic financial markets. Furthermore, we would like to enable our students to take up ambitious and challenging jobs in the financial industry.

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