Dr. Olga Lewandowska

Dr. Olga Lewandowska studied economics at the Warsaw School of Economics and at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, majoring in Investment Banking. 

At the Goethe University, she successfully completed her dissertation titled “Post-Trade Processing of OTC Derivatives - IT Solutions under a New Regulatory Paradigm”.

Since 2007 Dr. Lewandowska has been working as a freelance consultant for customers such as Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Börse and other banks and clearing houses. She enjoys agile working at the nexus of business and IT, especially in the area of automation of the trading, clearing and settlement processes. Her recent interests encompass the application of big data and artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, in the trade processing.


Research Interests:

 Securities trading, clearing and settlement 

 OTC and on-exchange traded derivatives

 Regulatory changes and their impact on IT systems

 Industrial organisation of financial markets

 Systemic risk in the financial system

 Artificial intelligence/ machine learning in finance