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Dr. Martin Haferkorn studied Business Information Systems (Diploma) at Technical University of Ilmenau. He focused his studies on the subject of information management, controlling and finance. In his diploma thesis he analyzed the design, valuation and market development of retail structured products in Germany. Beside his studies he took part in the student consulting association sci e.V. and in the Microsoft Student Partners program. During this time, he also worked at Campana & Schott and Rapid Venture Accounting. Afterwards, he was employed as a research assistant at Layer 2 of the E-Finance Lab / Chair of e-Finance where he completed his dissertation on the topic “High-Frequency Trading in Fragmented European Equity Markets”. 

Today he works at the European Securities and Markets Authority in Paris.

Research Interests:

Algorithmic Trading / High Frequency Trading

Financial Market Regulation

Volatility Interruptions